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THE BOOKLESS BOOK CLUB | December 31, 2007

Dave knew he could always pull the reporter card.  He could tell the ladies he was doing a story on book clubs and he would be in.  And it wouldn’t be a lie.  He would do the story.  Only he wasn’t the least bit interested in book clubs, nor was his boss the sports editor.  What he was interested in was his wife and why she left him.  

Dave covered football for the New York Daily News.  He traveled around the country feeding game reports to the mother ship, watching his words magically appear in print the next day.  Last year he logged 20,000 frequent flyer miles.     

All the travel meant Dave was either gone or tired, neither of which sat well with his wife, Allison.

The good news was Allison wasn’t like most wives.  She rarely complained.   That is, until she joined the book club.  A year later, she announced she was leaving.  A coincidence?  Dave didn’t think so.     


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